Author: Edgar Mccoy

Rockharz 2023 is here!

Rockharz 2022 , A restrospect It was a moving festival that has ended. We see many happy, but tired faces as the departure wave continues. This is what we do the festival to. In retrospect, the 2022 ROCKHARZ edition will likely go down as one of the best. You celebrated like this, dear guests! Crews,

Violins on Sale

My mom thought it was right to follow Grandpa’s lead because Grandpa used to play the violin. Although I knew I was musically inclined back then, there were other exciting things I could do than take violin lessons. It is a complex instrument that requires hours of practice to master. Even though I had stopped taking violin lessons

Hip Hop Music Beats – What about Them?

Hip Hop Music Beats Their tireless efforts are what have made hip hop music today undisputedly the most popular music genre. It is slowly growing in popularity around the world. Hip hop music is now a popular topic, especially among young people. With the advancements in technology, it’s not difficult to create hip hop beats. You

What are Musical Beats?

Musical Beats The Beat is the basic unit of music time. It is controlled by many concepts, including rhythm, beat, rhythm, and tempo. Many musical terms have changed over time as music evolved. The Backing Sound, or bass, is often called the beat. It usually lasts for the entire piece of music. The Beat is a repetitive sequence

Music Beats

Produce beats You need to be able to produce beats and become a mogul. You must listen to all kinds of music to become a competent producer. Your mind will be opened to other music than hip-hop. You’ll discover new types of music composition, rhythm patterns, beats, and more. It is likely that this music will be embedded

Making music is for everyone

Music creation is a painful and slow process that can be difficult to understand for your listeners. All of these things were real for me as an indie musician. It was difficult to walk around the park listening to a lot of music, and even stay in the bathroom for long periods of time looking for inspiration. It