Violins on Sale

Violins on Sale

My mom thought it was right to follow Grandpa’s lead because Grandpa used to play the violin. Although I knew I was musically inclined back then, there were other exciting things I could do than take violin lessons. It is a complex instrument that requires hours of practice to master. Even though I had stopped taking violin lessons after Grandpa’s death, I continued to take them even though it was only grudgingly. Although I didn’t realize its value, Grandma made sure I got my violin.

Before I was able to learn the skill, I had to quit violin lessons. My mom learned from a cousin that one of her cousins was learning to play the violin and decided to give it to him. As time passed, my interest in violin music seemed to have been rekindled by aging. As an adult with money to spare, I decided to learn violin lessons again. I began looking for used violins because I didn’t want to rent one. The truth was that violins are expensive, something I didn’t consider when I was learning violin lessons as an infant.

I was shocked to discover that many of the violin for sale were not well maintained and would require me to pay a lot of money to get them back in good shape. My sister suggested that I contact my cousin to see if Grandpa still uses the violin. My cousin was able to contact me after a while. She said that she stopped playing Grandpa’s violin because of other urgent concerns. Although she was kind enough to give it to me, she asked that I return it to her in the future. We met to discuss how I could obtain the violin.

It was in much better condition than any of the violins I had seen. Although it was not expensive, Grandpa paid a lot for it. Its craftsmanship was better than most modern models. Two cases were brought by my cousin. The one was Grandpa’s, the other was her violin that she used when she first learned to play it. She was allowed to play Grandpa’s violin by her mother only when she was old enough to not break it. My cousin stated that she was selling her violin and I thought it might be worth my while to inspect it before she puts it on the “for sale” listing. The instrument was in good condition and the price seemed reasonable, so I paid immediately. I returned home with two violins. It was so wonderful to be able to play and hold the exact same instrument Grandpa used many, many years back. I regret not taking the lessons, as I could have learned so much more quickly.


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